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About Us

FAQ About Our Photography


--Thanks for landing here. . .
Among the many New Jersey Wedding Photographers online, somehow you are on this page. We probably are meant for each other. We want you to know us better, since there is always a chance you will end up in a good relationship with us. We are hard working people like you. Our work here in this website are real albums and videos, not snippets of candid and portraits of random selected images. We like you to love them as our clients did. It might be interesting to read the rest of the paragraphs below. We Thank You and also to the people who recommended us to you.


--Our Albums

We are one of the NJ Wedding Photographers to offer modern designer albums. It is the latest trend in NY/NJ Wedding Photography where we lay out and design the album according to your preference. These albums are all arranged and retouched before being sent out for printing. A balance of photographs and design elements is what we provide. We send you a pdf file like the samples in our GALLERY through email on how the final album will look. Upon your confirmation, the larger files will be sent to the lab for printing and binding. Though modern, we still use the traditional way of printing, done only on professional paper and chemistry. We carry all leather albums and colors to choose from. Upgrades are available with Wrap Around Image cover design, Barndoor Style, Acrylic (hard plastic with designer image) etc,and most importantly of all, you will look better and will be satisfied once you receive them. Our albums are Made in the USA.

--How long before we get the albums?
The sooner we recieve your selections the better. It takes 3 to 4 months of design, printing and binding. We need the actual proof numbers for reference. Below this page are links to what we need to start with your album order. Please do not text us your orders.


.--How about our proofs?
We offer several options on how you get your proofs and the options are also included in our packages. Proofs can be professionally printed 4x 6's or proofs on DVD printable 4x 6. Your choice.


--How many pictures do you take?
We take as much candids and portraits during the day of your event. If you have any requests or any unique pictures that you may want, just let us know. We always try to be as creative as much as time permits and depending on how you schedule your event.


--Do you have backup?
We have backups for our backups. We have several cameras ready to shoot at anytime. No changing of lenses to waste any of your special time. Saves both of us precious time for doing what has to be covered. We make sure not to waste your time, so you need not to worry and enjoy your special day.


--What is your style?
Style depends on our clients. We balance traditional and modern approaches in our wedding photography. Experience is the key and also the knowledge of what our clients want. A few years ago when digital cameras came out, tons of inexperienced photographers advertized themselves online as photojournalists. Now, we hear stories from my clients on how none of the regular portraits were taken and most of the candids were blurry and eyes were closed. Put it this way, our experience makes us very flexible. We offer the decision to you.


--My wedding is out of state, is NY or PA too far?
Not at all. We have traveled as far as Hawaii. We sometimes require you to pay for our travel expenses depending on how far the location of your event which is fair.


--Do you give discounts?
Tough one, but why not! Visit us and we will see what you need so we can figure it out. Often we offer specials but if you call us, then we might have one for you. Our advice is book early to get the most out of your budget. Unless you come, then you'll never know what your getting!


--Can't find what you want in your packages?
We understand that not everyone is the same but we can provide something that you desire. The packages will help you get near an estimate. Our packages are customizable, just let us know. We are always happy to help you get what you want.


FAQ About Our Video

--What Video Format do you shoot?
We offer both widescreen 16:9 and 4:3 standard definition format. We are also able to shoot High Definition widescreen cameras to capture your special day in all its cinematic glory like the movies you watch. This will take advantage of your latest LCD and LED screens you and your family have. Our equipment are unique and custom designed for specific shots that will require more of a creative look and feel on video.


--What are the differences between the two formats? Why?
Quality. We enjoyed Standard Definition for quite some time. Now, High Definition is the key to modern videography and capturing moments to the next level of quality. However, we still deliver both formats so you will be able to use your legacy equipment. Depending on your choice coverages may include Stedicam shots, multiple angle shots and microphone setup. We also consider the amount of people and equipment needed to do each and every job. There's a lot of choreography to plan and to make each every shot seamless so in the process, your suggestions are required.


--I’m concerned about lighting. What do you do about that?
Lighting is essential with any quality related to video. Most churches are opposed to lighting the place. We have to respect any holy places we shoot and follow what is required. Though professional cameras can shoot in low light situations grainy video will result. We try to soften the grain when we edit. We use lights at the reception strategically located in key areas and we make sure not to irritate your guest.


--What makes you different from other?
Its our passion to create and do our work seriously. We innovate our equipment to make shots unique and creative. We take great lengths to make it unobtrusive and candid as possible. We work as a team and learn from every wedding that we shoot. We look for great ideas and open to comments and suggestions from clients. And most of all, exceptional camera work and editing is our standard.


--What other video services you offer?

On your wedding day edited video presentation. We do a freestyle music video edited and shown at the reception. Unrehersed and candid video are from the brides house and ceremony cut into one song. For several years we have been doing this and the response is overwhelming especially from out of state guest and relatives who can get a copy of the DVD immediately. Even for those people who missed the ceremony. We post the video online immediately on the next available day to us. View Sample HERE


--How long before we get the DVD or BluRay Disc?
We suggest that once you have all the materials, photos for montage and music for the background and/or your highlights send it to us immediately before or 2 weeks after your event. Please dont text me your orders, email is best. Do not wait until your kids are 3 or 4 years old. Its upsetting when people just dont care. Read our contracts, our contracts are not forever.


Common Questions You Might Ask

--Are you expensive? Why?
Expensive is relative to your budget and the amount of work you want us to do. We have reasonable packages for every budget. We don't suggest that you go all the way if you just need a basic coverage. We assure you that it gets really expensive once you want the best out there. Our work is worth every penny you spent. We take in consideration the amount of people, equipment and editing time we have to use to get the job done right. We also are not a wedding factory and disregard quality. We aim for our clients satisfaction and referrals.

--What is the meaning of price match guarantee?
We give you the option of looking at the prices of other places. If we can match the price that they offer and you want us to be your photographer, then we will match their price. This guarantee is only applicable if they have been in business for 10 years or over, they do photography or video fulltime not part time or freelance, uses a professional lab, not those wholesale club from printing, Professional equipment like we do and a valid proof of estimate and package pricing. We can only match our prices with other real professionals.

--Do you accept pencil bookings?
NO. We hold the date upon our first appointment and a week after that.

--We like what we saw. Can we book now?
Absolutely! But confirmation through the phone is needed. We just want to make sure that no one reserved it before you. Calling us as soon as you have a set date is always recommended, the sooner the better. Once confirmed, we can set an appointment to make a contract for photography and/or contract for video. You can use your computer to type informations within the contract above in pdf and bring it to us. If you just need to reserve the date, write all the information you have as much as possible and we can discuss the start and end time later.

--How much should we bring?
Our standard payment terms are 3 payments. 1/3 upon signing the contract, 1/3 two weeks before event and final payment upon getting your proofs. We advise that you bring money. Save us both time. Visa, Master Card, Discover Not Accepted. But PayPal online payment is fine.

Here is our email: and our telephone at 908-578-3685

We were among New Jersey, NJ Wedding Photographers Awarded as one of "The Knot Best of Weddings 2010" - We also specialize in Pilipino Weddings or Kasal Pinoy, Indian Weddings, Greek Weddings, Japanese Weddings etc. BarMitzvah, BatMitzvah, Sweet 16 Photography and Video. We offer Cinematic Wedding Coverages in High Definition. View our Gallery for more Wedding Photography and Videos. Thank You